Russell Coleman, July 2014

This is a small interview with Russell Coleman, an amazing Australian photographer whose  beautiful landscapes and fantastic look at life are inspiring. Take one look at Russell's Instagram gallery and you will see not only amazing captures, you will also see a community of some of the most active comments on Instagram. 


Q1 what camera do you use most often?

A1. I currently use a Canon 650D and love it. I usually shoot in AV or Manual whichever suits what I'm doing and I always shoot in RAW mode. 

 Q2 what was the most exciting hike or trail you have ever taken and why? 

A2. The best hike I think I have done was in the Carnavon Gorge in Central Queensland. It has beautiful gorges, amphitheater formations, water features as well as incredible ancient Aboriginal rock art. Another amazing place was Lawn Hill National Park in the Gulf Country in North Queensland where we canoed up an incredible gorge, this place just felt special. 

Q3 what is your favorite childhood memory of the outdoors?

A3.  My favourite childhood memories of the outdoors was spending time in the bush with my Dad, cutting firewood. They were really special times and I learnt a lot about the bush and it probably gave me this enjoyment and love of nature. 

Q4 I know family is a big part of your life, what have your children and grandchildren taught you about yourself?

Q4. My children, and now grandchildren have taught me what unconditional love is about. They have taught me that the best thing in life is giving, and that time spent inputing into their lives reaps untold rewards and brings great joy when you see them enjoying the things in life that you influenced. Being in the outdoors with them brings great pleasure, especially when you see their love for it too. 

Q5 this year on Instagram you accepted a challenge to do 365 days of black and white photography, how has this changed the way you look at the world?

A5. Instagram has been a great encouragement and inspiration and really spurred me on to improve my photography. My self imposed 365 days of black and white photography has taught me to look at the world not only for the incredible colours but to look deeper into shade, shapes and the design and 'Art' that surrounds us. IG has also introduced me to some incredibly beautiful people who are like minded and love the things that I love, who I have had the real honor of influencing their photography and at the same time being influenced and inspired by them. Love Life!


Russell thank you so much for your time and we can't wait to see what you have to share with us in the future.  


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