how you look at it


 It's all how you look at it. I have never been very traditional in the way I live my life. I mean I have a traditional life, beautiful wife, great kids, house, job, dog... You get the picture. All of these things are my world, they make me whole, they make me, me. One thing that my wife has taught me is that some times the glass isn't half empty or half full some times it's just the right amount of water for a beautiful bunch of flowers. You see the amount of water is inconsequential to her she looks past the question because the answer itself changes from moment to moment. Most of the photos I love are taken from a different prospective, I love a photographer that showers me the ordinary in an unordinary way. I have been that way my whole life, I want to see the world from every angle. I believe that when we are children we take the time to do this, and as we grow up we just take everything at face value. When is the last time you climbed a tree? When you were a kid why did you climb the tree? You did it to change your perspective, to see what you could see. Where did that feeling of exploration go that need for adventure? It's still there, you just need to step away from your day to day to see it. I promise you that the underside of a bridge is more impressive than the topside, if you don't believe me go see for yourself. What you find might just change the way you look at your life.