This is just the begining.


Hello my name is William Gillette. I love Nature Photography, Hiking, and Camping. I also run a website to help teach and inspire people to get out into the outdoors and use there cameras to share there amazing journey.

A lot of you reading that will have already know it, let me tell you some things you may not know.   

Born and raised in Central FL, I am 33 years old, I have a loving wife and two amazing kids. I am a sales manager for The Sports Authority in Kissimmee FL. Growing up I had always wanted to be a Director of Photography in film and tv, I have made a few feature length indie films that were successful in a few film festivals, one of the films was even picked up. I have always had this passion for photography, and if you read any of my blogs you will quickly realize that I have the worst spelling and grammar on the planet. Sorry!

I am currently working towards becoming a portrait and wedding photographer. If any of you have experience in this industry and want to give me some pointers I am open to suggestions!