Composition Rule #4


Symmetry and Patterns


In our every day life we are all trying to make things line up. Simple things in life like setting a table for dinner involves symmetry and patterns, as you place the plates down you make sure they are equal distance from the edge of the table and from each other. The napkin to the right of each plate, the glass to the left, silverware in the same order for each setting. Why do we do this? Because it looks amazing! 

This composition is harder to find in nature unless you are looking for it. On city streets and buildings symmetry and patterns are easy to find because architects love to use them in making things pleasing to the eye. 

One great example of symmetry and patterns in nature would be the spider web, or sand ripples on the beach during low tide. But that is not all! Trees, leaves, rocks, animals... Everything in nature has some form of symmetry and patterns. 

Symmetry, if you can take an item or image and divide it in half, and each half is a mirror image of the other.  

Patterns, when a line or group of lines is repeated over and over.