Got Water?


Here is a outdoor photography tip of the day! When you are planing an outdoor shoot or plan on photographing plants or insects close up, bring a small misting bottle. 

The secret is to get a bottle that has the finest mist you can. A spray bottle is no good for delicate flowers and it tends to wet everything so much the petals drupe. You want the water to take on an almost fog like appearance. I have found tiny misting bottles in the travel section at most stores that work great. A little water goes a long way so an oz or two is plenty. Or maybe get a "Sip and Mist" type water bottle that will do double duty. 

Weter is almost always better when photographing outdoor macro shots. Try shooting insects using this technique. Be careful not to hurt them! By wetting the rock or road or maybe leaf that they are on you will bring out a richer deeper color that will give your shot a more earthy feel.  

Try It!